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Heart and lung research excellence: Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals

Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals lead on pioneering research into heart and lung disease. Through our research, we develop new treatments, improve care for patients and help to inform decision-making and policy across the NHS and beyond.

Each research area brings together the best scientists, clinicians, industrial partners and patients.

Our research is a collaborative effort and we work with other NHS trusts, universities and industry to ensure the necessary financial and academic support and expertise is available to make significant medical advances.

As a specialist tertiary referral centre, the Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals is focused on the rarer and more complex aspects of cardiac and respiratory medicine.

Our research programme maps onto all areas of our clinical service, providing unrivalled opportunities for research through access to well-phenotyped and large patient populations, which in many cases are the largest in the UK and often internationally.

Our experts carried out the UK’s first successful operation to close a hole in the heart in 1956, the first coronary angioplasty in 1980 and the first ‘heart lung’ transplant in 1983. We set up the country’s first adult cystic fibrosis in the 1960s and it is now one of Europe’s biggest treatment centres for the condition.

Today we are the only centre in the country with a total artificial heart programme and our cystic fibrosis experts are pioneering opportunities in remote digital care. Our teams have always pushed boundaries, working in partnership to harness new technology and deliver the very highest standards of patient care.